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Methuen High School Faculty 
Senior Section 
\ Senior Prom 


Fall Sports 

Winter Sports 

Spring Sports 







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claw of t999 

Ar*iS^sv*j^s *i £ 7*v^\ 

Ms. Ellen Parker 
Methuen High School Principal 

During your first year as principal of Methuen High, you 
faced many challenges with outstanding leadership and 
dignity. We, the "Class of Nineteen-hundred and Ninety- 
nine," chose to follow your example and live true to the 
name, "the Class with class." We would like to sincerely 
thank you for the outstanding year that you have been 
such a part of. You have proven yourself a prominent 
leader in the school system and community. We wish you 
the best of luck in your future endeavors as the principal 
of Methuen High School. 


m CU of 1999 



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Mr. A. Steven Francis, Assistant Principal 

Mr. Francis, every year we rant and rave about you. Why? Plain and simple, you are 
one of the best. You have a wonderful personality that shines through to everyone 
you meet. We have never met a more devoted member of the Methuen High School 
Administration. Compassionate and supportive are just two words that only begin to 
describe the individual we all know and love. Whether one needs advice or just 
wants to talk, you are always there. There isn't enough time and space to point out 
all the great things you have done for us. We, the "Class of 1999" and the yearbook 
staff would like to thank you for everything you have done for us; we appreciate it to 
the highest degree. 

Ms. Jane Obshatkin, Vice Principal 

The first year you arrived at Methuen High, you immediately made an impact on our 
student lives. We respected you and you respected us. You are caring and 
professional, qualities necessary to be a great educator and administrator. We, the 
"Class of 1999" thank you for your dedication and service. 

Ms. Suzanne Kelly, Assistant Principal 

Though this was only your second year with us at Methuen High School, you have 
already gained the respect of the faculty as well as the students. You have created a 
strong and personable relationship with the students here, and we, the "Class of 
1999" wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. 


One never knows when or where you 

might come across an angel. 

For all you know, the next person you meet 

may be an angel in disguise. 

We were fortunate to have three 
such angels among us: 

Melissa Kern 

Vicky L f It alien 

Kristen Santoro 

. . . "These young ladies exuded warmth and kindness. They 
had the uncanny ability of turning negatives into positives; 
bad to good. " 

See pages 42, 43 and 44 for colored pictures of our three angels > 

Yearbook Staff 

Dear Class of 1999, 

My staff consisted of 5 individuals who 
devoted much of their time and energy 
into producing this book. Together, we 
worked many a Friday night and weekend 
to create a book that was not just another 
yearbook. We wanted this book to have 
special meaning to you, one that would 
be treasured throughout your life. 

Nick Collopy 


Science Department 

John Moore 
Department Chairman 

Peter Mazzaglia 
NHS Advisor 

Roger Fuller 
Boys' Track Coach 

Peter Salemi 
Science Club Advisor 

Dennis King 
MHS Advisor 

Joseph Harb 

Dr. Daniel Burton 

Kevin Thompson 

English Dept. 

Jennifer Smith 
Department Chair 

Ann Marie Pinet 

Dean Brouder 

9 MM 
| ■ 

1 f 


Bud Jennings 
Lyceum Advisor 

Anne Marie Krusell 

Paula Picarillo 
Girls' Softball Coach 

Leonie Longshore 

Dr. Gary Lane 

Colleen Meaney 




Douglas Hallbauer 

Jean Matthes 

Daniel Herlihy 


Math Department 

Marianne Moran 
Department Chair 

Jackie Dirsa 

Kathryn Dawe 

Gail Sanguedolce 

Linda Depelteau 
Yearbook Advisor 

Rhonda Ruhmshottel 

Marie Comeau 

Noreen Tanglis 

Foreign Language Dept. 

Cindy Bates 
Department Chair 

Joyce Qagnon 

Beverly Taylor 

Richard LaCroix 

Kathy Van Horn 

mm ./£ 



£r"— -j 

? Is 





! V.W 




^K ' 

John Faro 

Mark Preston 

Helen Gerrior 

Social Studies Dept. 

Michael Hughes 
Department Chairman 

Diane Dandreta 

James Healy 
GLEC Advisor 

Paul Fiorentini 


. .,-: 

WSm ' ' -*■ 

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||lpl.lNf fSWY. 

1 \ - r -«^B 

^k "' l« Cu»w 

al. — J 

'%.'■- 9 " 







Gail Watts 

Carol Scalera 

John Nigrelli 

Donald Smith 
Boys' Tennis Coach 


Occ/Voc Ed. & Phys. Ed. 

Brian Grquhart 
Director of Athletics 

Karen Bergeron 
Gymnastics Coach 

Karen McLaughlin 
Field Hockey Coach 

Mimi Hyde 
Girls Basketball Coach 

Joe Robillard 
Boys' Hockey Coach 

Francis Molesso 
Asst. Girls Track Coach 

Joseph Austin 
OccA'oc Ed. Dept. Chair. 

Mario Pagnoni 
Occ/Voc Ed 


Kathy Greene 
OccAfoc Ed 

Steve Sudol 
OccAfoc Ed 

Glen Gearin 
OccAfoc Ed 

Linda Lyons 
OccAtoc Ed 




Faculty & Staff 

Frank Savory 
Dept. Chair of Fine Arts 

Mary McLaughlin 
School-to-Careers Advisor 

Donald Sestini 
Peer Mediation Coordinator 

SGM Mark Fisher 
JROTC Instructor 

Margaret Moynihan 

Rita Sanguedolce 

Patricia Lohnes 
Foreign Language 

Anita DiGroce 

Luz Alvarado 
Bilingual Program 

Neil Lynch 
Bilingual Program 


i / 



Faculty & Staff 

Marylin Dufton 
School Receptionist 

Donna Quinn 
Guidance Secretary 

Kate O'Neil 
Guidance Counselor 

Alton Bailey 
Guidance Counselor 

Bill Cullen 
Guidance Counselor 

Richard Brain 
Guidance Counselor 

Dave Shaheen 
TV Production 

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Kimball 
JROTC Instructor 

Edward Kelley 
Industrial Technology 

Roger Lenfest 
Social Studies 

Kevin Pezanowski 
Physical Education 

Patricia Borucki 
Occ/Voc Ed. 


Faculty & Staff 

Richard Czarnec 
Industrial Tech. Dept. Chair 

David Whiting 
Social Studies 

Jason LaPointe 

Larry Stanley 

Kelly Sheehan 
Guidance Counselor 

Martha Tatro 
Guidance Counselor 

Jason O'Hare 
Fine Arts 

Tracey Ramshaw 
Foreign Language 

Mary Nolin 
Media Assistant 

Susan Wagner 
Fine Arts 

Tina St. Laurent 

Frank Gurczak 





Michelle DeFrancesco 
Media Assistant 

Maria Betances 
Strive Assistant 

Wendy McCabe 
Special Education 

Margaret Samaha 
Strive Assistant 

Jane Whitney 
Special Education 

David Murphy 
SPED Assistant 

Kim Bihl 
Special Education 

Gloria Lamphier 
SPED Assistant 

Mary Coleman-Kennedy 
Special Education 

Joy Santoro 
Equipment Manager/Girls Soccer Coach 






Methuen High School 
CCass of 1999 



Maija Abbott 

Kevin Abraham 

Dawn Aiello 

Kevin Alliette 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4 Capt. . 
4; Indoor Track 3-4; Outdoor Track : 
4, Capt 4 

Matthew Andrade 

Kristine Angelari 

James Angelone III 

Quote/Saying: Seven 2 Insanity - "Huh, 

What?" Stop asking me what time it is 

Ambition: To revolutionize the world of 


Activities: Art Honor Soc. 2-4, Int. Club. 

Tara Arlitt 

Quote/Saying: One more time 
Ambition: To go to college and major 
in music 
Activities: Band 1-4. 

Michael Arndt 

Christopher Arsenault 
Activities: Tennis 1-2, DTP 3-4, Co-op. 
Business 1-4 

Hebaa Aoun 

Maya Ata 

Rima Ata 

Rola Ata 

Quote/Saying: So, read any good 
BOOKS lately? 
Activities: Drama Club 1 -4 

Joseph Attardi 

Erica Balfour 

Andrea Barbosa 

luote/Saying: There's no telling how far 
le rainbow will go or where it will end. 
mbitions: To find love and happiness 
id look forward to the future 
ctivities: PAVE Program Asst. 4 

Joshua Bard 

Activities: Football 1-4 Capt. 4, Wres- 
tling 1,2,4 Capt. 4, Track 3 

Kaitlin Barker 

Kate, Dipsey 
Quote/Saying: Ya gotta stand for something 
or you'll fall for anything ...when our own 
wings have trouble remembering how to fly. 
Activities: Swimming 1-4 Capt. 4, Skiing 2- 
4 Capt. 4, Senior Class Play, Blood Drive, 
Winter Guard 1-2, Band 1-4. 

Shane Battle 

Rachael Belanger 

Jerad Bell 

Quote/Saying: Da, Da, Da 
Activities: Varsity Volleyball 1-4 Capt 
3,4; Varsity Skiing 1-4 Capt. 4; Year- 
book 4. 

Matthew Benjamin 

Renee Benoit 

Sarah Benoit 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4, Softball 1-4, 
Basketball 1, Peerleaders 1. 

Scott Benson 

Zachary Bernier 

Kyle Raymond Berube 

Ambition: To own my own company 
and live a happy life. 
Activities: Volleyball 2-4, Indoor Soc- 

Brad Beshara 

Ambition: To live life the way I want 
and be happy. 

Activities: Football 1-4 Capt. 4, Bas- 
ketball 1-4 Capt. 4, Spring Track 2-4 

Paul Biancardi 

Quote/Saying: Smile 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4, Ski Team 1- 

4, Science Club, NHS 2-4. 

Lawrence Blunt 
Quote/Saying: It's all good 
Activities: Varsity Football 1 -4 

Christopher Bogner 

^§£ ' ISfc- . 


Pv M ' w ■ \ 


i ■ JjH 


& mt ""'' mjM 


^Br >^ ^ 


Shane Boivin 

Quote/Saying: Attention Walmart 

Ambition: To work in law enforce- 
Activities: Volleyball 2-4, Soccer 3 

Stephanie Boivin 

Michael Bolarinho 

Quote/Saying: Can 1 take your order 
Ambition: To be a famous cook. 

Joanna Bond 

Quote/Saying: Beginnings are sometimes scary, endings ara 
usually sad. but it's the middle that counts the most. 
Ambition: To sing, kickbox, and have a nappy and successM 
life. Hi Mom! 

Activities: National Honor Society 2-4. Swimming 1-4 Capfl 
4, Indoor Track 1-2. Spring Track 1-2, AIDS Dance 2. Eastfl 
Seals 4. 

Lindsay Boucher 

luote/Saying: Fate can only take you so far. The 

est is up to you - Jenna Elfman: Can't Hardly 


■mbition: I wish to be happy and successful 

iroughout my life. 

.ctivities: Swimming 1, Walk for Hunger 2-3, Com. 

■ervice 3-4. 

Melanie Boutot 

Stephanie Bova 

Quote/Saying: To achieve great goals, we must live 

as though we were never going to die. 

Ambition: To be a paralegal 

Activities: Co-op. Business 1-4, Field Hockey 1-3, 

Spring Track 2, Softball 1, Winter Track 1-2, QLEC 


Erin Bradley 



w * 1- 


Kristen Bradley 

Kelly Bresnahan 
Activities: Art Honor Society, National 
Honor Society 2-4, Gymnastics 1-3, 
International Club, Peer Leaders. 

Johnathan Briggs 

Yinelle Brito 

Quote/Saying: Do what you gotta do. 
Handle your business. 
Ambition: To travel the world and own 
my own travel agency. 

David Brothers 

Andrea Brunelle 

Jennifer Buco 

Stefanie Buco 


Scott Burke 

Peter Cadieux 

Michael Canzano 

Deana Cardone 

Quote/Saying: Hi hun. Shut up. 
Ambition: To go to college and grad 
uate and become successful in my ca 

Kolleen Carney 

Quote/Saying: When I see the sun, 1 hope it shines 
on me and gives me everything. - Codeine 
Ambition: To be an art teacher and to own the 
waking universe. 

Activities: National Art Honor Society 2-4, Glitter 
Girl 1-4. 

Brad Carson 

Alison Carter 

Douglas Caux 

Jennifer Chan 

Beth Charest 

Jamie Chouinard 
Quote/Saying: Typical Scorpio. 
Ambition: To live a short, but not too 
short, and prosperous life. 

Cinthia Chung 


Lizbeth Cintron 

Kristen Ciofolo 

Kristy Geary 

Richard Clifford 

Nicholas Collopy 

luote/Saying: Take charge of your life and cherish it 
)r it is the only way through which you are represented, 
•mbition: To succeed in college and live a stress-free 
fe. (if there is such a thing) 

.ctivities: Footballl-4 Capt. 4. Indoor Track 1-4 Capt. 
Spring Track 1-4 Capt. 4. National Hon. Society 2-4, 
res. 4; Yearbook 3-4, EIC 4; Webmaster 3-4. 

Andie Colon 

Quote/Saying: Running is not a talent; It is 
a test of how far the human heart can go. 
Ambition: To own my own business and be 
successful in life. 

Activities: Baseball 9, Indoor Track 2-4, 
Cross Country 3-4, Spring Track 2-4 

Raymond Colon 

Rosemary Colon 

Micole Corriveau 

Daniel Corriveau 

Ambition: To get through college and 
begin my career as a state trooper. 

Alyssa Cortellino 

Quote/Saying: In this world there are noth- 
ing but possibilities. - Empire records. 
Activities: Drama Club 1-4, Concert Choir 
1-4, JROTC 3-4, School Musical 1-4, Span. 
Hon. Society 3-4. 

Thomas Couture 


Michael Culhane 

Heather Cunningham 
Quote/Saying: Elephant Lovin 
Ambition: To succeed without really 

Renee Daggett 

Ambition: To find love, happiness, and 
success in all that comes my way. 
Activities: Blood Drive 4, Walk for Hun- 
ger 2-3 

George De Jesus 



f <**» 

Kathryn De Maria 

Joseph Decosta 

Diana Dellanno 


Quote/Saying: Wind is to fire, what distance is to 

love. It extinguishes the small and inflames the 


Ambition: To stay happy 

Activities: Cheerleading 1-4 Capt. 4, Student 

Senate, International Club 

Nicholas Demers 
Ambition: To marry Katherine. 

Theresa Deltwas 
Quote/Saying: If you put your mind to 
it, you can do anything. 
Activities: JROTC 2-4 

Mehmet Demirel 

Matthew Demko 

Jennifer Dessinger 


Melanie Digiacomo 


Quote/Saying: Every day is a gift, that's why they 

call it the present. 

Ambition: To succeed in life and make the best out 

of it. 

Activities: Varsity Volleyball 2-4: Capt. 4, Varsity 

Softball 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, GLEC 3 

James Dimauro 

Jimmy D 
Quote/Saying: Step aside, let the man 
go through. 

E. Paul Doerr IV 

Quote/Saying: Crank it up!! 
Activities: Indoor Track 1-4, 
Track 1-4, Cross Country 3,4 


Kadi Dooley 

Quote/Saying: Life is what happens when 

you're busy making other plans. - John Len- 


Ambition: To pursue a career in the arts. 

Activities: National Honor Society 2-4, Art 

Honor Society 2-4 Pres. 4, Spanish Honor 



John Driscoll 

3uote/Saying: Some dance to no particular beat, 
)ut their own. Veni, Vidi, Vici 
\mbition: To enjoy all the detours along the way, 
vhile being myself because no one else is qualified. 
\ctivities: Good times 

Kevin Dube 

Shaun Dunlevy 
Quote/Saying: Glory Days 
Activities: Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1- 
4, Cross Country 2 

Denise Duverge 

Activities: Student Council 1-4 Pres. 4, 
State Advisory Council 4, Peer Mediation, 
DARE, Art Honors Society 3-4, Spanish 
Hon. Society 3-4, Student Rep. School 
Com. 4, Field Hockey 1-3, Indoor Track 2- 
3, Basketball 1-2 

Kathyrn Eaton 

William Egan 

Aimee Ellenwood 

Elaine Eng 

Quote/Saying: Carpe Diem 
Activities: National Honor Society 2-4, 
French Honor Society, Art Honor So- 
ciety, Science Club, International Club, 
Asian Club, Senior Class Play, Computer 
Club, Indoor Track 


Erin English 

Nicholas Erban 

Ana Espinal 

Gianna Fernandez 

Quote/Saying: Some people come into our lives and 

quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints 

on our hearts and we are never the same. 

Ambition: To be successful and famous. 

Activities: Colorguard 2-3. Winterguard 2-4 Capt 2-3. 

Peer Leaders 1-3. DC Club 1-3. AIDS Action 1-2, LYC 

1-4, Life Olympics 1-2. 

Kelly Fernandez 

Lisa Ferrara 

Matthew Ferraro 

Lisa Field 





*fe s*i Hi 


m* 1 



4E~ """^11 

*™ — .^M 

Joshua Fiore 

Quote/Saying: How's every little thing? 
Ambition: To go to college and then 
become successful in whatever I do. 
Activities: Football 1-4, JROTC 3-4, 
Blue and White 2-3, Senior Class Play 

Shaun Fitzgerald 

BemieA.K.A. Burndog A.K.A. Butch, 

A.K.A. Shaunbob 

Jani Fowler 

Valerie Jade Francis 


Ambition: To be very successful and 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, School 
Newspaper 2-4 Editor 4 



Jennifer Fraser 

Quote/Saying: It turns out it's not where you are 

but who you're with that really matters. - Dave 

Matthews Band 

Ambition: To live a long and happy life. 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, International Club 2-4, 

National Honor Society 2-4 Secretary 4, Span. 

Honor Society 4 

Kevin Frazier 

Nancy Freitas 

Quote/Saying: No saa, are you for real? 
What's up Roach? 
Ambition: To become a doctor 

Richard Garcia 

Renee Gaudette 

Louis Gaudreau 

Quote/Saying: Real tomato ketchup 


Ambition: To make money 

Activities: TV Production 

Leila Gebeili 

Quote/Saying: Learn from yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tomorrow. 

Ambition: To be healthy, happy, and successful in 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-3, Spring Track 2, Inter- 
national Club 2-4, Life Olympics 1-4, Blue and 
White 3-4 

Micheline Geha 

Quote/Saying: Live life to its fullest, 
you never know when the end is going 
to come. 

Ambition: To do my best in accom- 
plishing my dream. 

Michael Giarrusso 
\mbition: To successfully complete 
rollege and have a successful career. 
Activities: Football 1-4, Indoor Track 
1-4, Spring Track 1-4, Int. Club 3-4, 
tal. Hon. Soc. 4, Life Olympics 1-2. 

Hilary Glynn 

Hill, Scraps 
Quote/Saying: Gripes! Gusta winds are 
blowing! Super Sensational 7. 
Ambition: To be happy. 
Activities: Basketball 1-4 Capt. 4, Volleyball 
1 and 4, Softball 1-2. 

Lisa Golobski 

Quote/Saying: Dreams come a size too big, so that 
we can grow into them. 

Ambition: To lead a life without regrets, and ac- 
complish all I have dreamed. 
Activities: Basketball 1-4 Capt. 4, Volleyball 1-4 
Capt. 3-4, Spring Track 2-4 Capt. 4, National Hon- 
or Society 2-4, Student Council 1-4 VP 4, Spanish 
Honor Society 4. 

Brian Goossens 


Ryan Goterch 

Katie Graham 

Ambition: To be successful and happy. 
Activities: DC Club, Drama Club 

Tina Grandmaison 
Quote/Saying: Be careful for what you 
look for. You might not like what you 

Louis Grasso, Jr. 

Ambition: To own and manage a suc- 
cessful restaurant. 

Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4. 
Track 2-4, Hockey 1 , Student Senate 1 -4. 

Margaux Griffin 

Activities: Softball 1-4, Indoor Track 1- 
4, Field Hockey 3-4, National Honor 
Society 2-4, French Honor Society 4, 
Senior Class Play 2-4, Annual School 
Musical 2-4 

Shawn Haggerty 

Rebecca Hajj 


Quote/Saying: Good, better, best! Never let 
it rest until your goal is better than best. 
Activities: Swimming 1-2, Softball 1-4, Na- 
tional Honor Society 3-4, Spanish Honor 
Society 3-4 

Michael Hamman 


Ambition: To own my own business/ 
and get married. 

Activities: Indoor Track 2-3, Basebal | 

Geoffrey Hargreaves 

Kara Harrison 

Quote/Saying: I always knew one day I'd 
look back at the tears and laugh, but I 
never realized I'd look back at the laughter 
and cry. 

Activities: Cross Country 2-4 Capt. 4, In- 
door Track 1-4 Capt. 4, Outdoor Track 1-4 

Christopher Hatem 

Janel Henry 

Quote/Saying: Get away or I'll spit in yoi 


Ambition: Advertising executive. 

Activities: Peer Mediation 1-4, DC Club 2- 

Pres. 4, DARE 1-4, Varsity Indoor Track 2- 

Capt. 4, Varsity Outdoor Track 3-4 Capt. 4 


Kristin Higgins 

Quote/Saying: God bless the freaks! 

Ambition: To be in a heavy metal band 

and live in a trailer park and listen to 


Activities: Reading Girls' Hockey 1-3, Art 

Honor Society 3-4 

Melissa Higgins 

Laura Hillard 

Quote/Saying: Who cares what I have to wake up 
for tomorrow. I'm having fun now; Live for the mo- 
ment. (Sh: 

Ambition: To be happy and make people laugh. 
Activities: JROTC 1-4, School Musical 1-4, Milli 
Vanilli 3-4, Drama Club 4, Chorus 4 

Jenny Hong 

Christine Huskey 

Activities: JROTC 1-4 

Jeffrey Ireson 

Eleonora luvara 

Alourdes Joseph 

Quote/Saying: Life is more than you can 


Ambition: To be the best at whatever I 


Activities: JROTC 1-4, International Club, 

DC Club 

Kristen Jutras 

jote/Saying: Get over it and grow up, life is too 

ort for petty insecurities. 

nbition: To be happy and successful in all that I do 

:h my life. 

tivities: National Honor Society 2-3, Walk for 

inger2-3, Com. Service 

Bona Kang 

Meghan Kasper 

Terren Kelloway 


Gretchen Kiessling 

Bryan Kinneen 


Quote/Saying: The only limit to our realization of 

tomorrow will be our doubts of today. 

Ambition: To have a successful career and live life to its 


Activities: Football 3-4. Basketball 1-4 Capt. 4, Track 1- 

4. International Club 

Kristina Knight 

Kris, Putsy 

Quote/Saying: Supersensational 7 Ya know, 


Ambition: To succeed in life and make people 


Activities: Gymnastics 1, Field Hockey 1-4, Life 

Olympics 1-4 

Timothy Koerner 

Brian Koslowski 

Jessica Kraunelis 

Quote/Saying: I don't know, I don't 
care, and it doesn't make any differ- 
Ambition: To be a doctor 

Laurie Lacroix 

Scott Lambalot 

Kyle Lanctot 

Matthew Landolt 

Veronica Lantigua 


Michael D. Lasonde 

Quote/Saying: It's not the size of the dog in the 

fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the 


Ambition: To be a successful business owner. 

Activities: Wrestling 2-4, Baseball 1-4 


rir !v 


Albert LaTulippe 

Marilyn LeClerc 

Nicholas Leone 

Quote/Saying: FLEX 

Ambition: To become a professional body- 
Activities: Football 1-4 Capt 4; Indoor Track 


Bryan Licciardi 
Quote/Saying: Work smarter not hard- 

Activities: Golf 1-4 Capt. 4, Indoor 
Track 3-4; Baseball 1-3, National 
Hon. Society 2-4. 

Michael Lough 

Robcelio Lourenco 


Casey Lowe 

Activities: Figure Skating 1-4 Capt. 4 Co- 
Capt. 3, Learn to Skate 1-4, Volunteer 
Marsh School, Read Along, Volunteer 
Holy Family Hospital, Blood Drive, Peer 

Thai Luong 

Quote/Saying: You can rest when you're 

Ambition: To be happy. 
Activities: Football 1-4, Indoor Track 2- 
4, Outdoor Track 4, National Honor So- 
ciety 2-4. 

Jennifer Macleod 
Jen, Kimmy 

uote/Saying: It's all about QUALITY. MARVEL- 
US!, Super Sensational 7 

nbition: To be happy and succeed in everything 1 

ttivities: Soccer 1-4 Capt. 4, Softball 1-4, Read 
ong 4, Dare 4, National Spanish Honor Society 

Matthew Maggio 

Jason Mallard 


Quote/Saying: It's never over, if you get up off the 
ground, brush the dirt off. and keep on trying 
Ambition: To be playing music in my band forever. 
Activities: JROTC 1-4, Guitars, Computers, Sign 

Jennifer Marcello 




Konstantin Marchenko 
Quote/Saying: Let the new generation 
step up in life. 

Ambition: I am going to become a 
mechanical engineer 
Activities: Track & Field 

Stephanie Mariano 

Ambition: To be happy and successful in 

Bio Engineering 

Activities: Indoor Track 4, Spring Track 

4, Marching Band 2-4, Concert Band 2- 

4, Music Honor Society 3-4, Volleyball 1- 


Rebecca Markey 

Quote/Saying: Super sensational 7 
Ambition: To be successful and live a 
happy life in whatever I do 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4 Capt. 3-4, 
Spring Track 1-2, Basketball 1, Winter 
Track 3 

Charles Marsden 
Ambition: To become an officer in the 
United States Army 
Activities: JROTC 1-4 

Jeffrey Marsland 

Julie Matta 
Ambition: To be happy 
Activities: Cross Country 2-4, Spring 
Track 1-3, D.C. Club 1-4, National Art 
Honor Society 2-4 Secretary, National 
Honor Society 2-4 

Brenda Maunsell 
Activities: Varsity Swimming 1-4 Capt. 
4, Indoor Track 1-2, Spring Track 1-3, 
National Honor Society 2-4, Interna- 
tional Club 2-4. 

Kelley McCarthy 

Riddhi Mehta 

Quote/Saying: You're the author of your own life 


Ambition: Because 1 can dream, I can succeed. I'm 

not just going to try, I'm going to MAKE it happen. 

Activities: D.C. Club, International Club, French 

Club, French Honor Society, Cross Country, Senior 

Class Play, Science Club 

Mary Men 

Julie Messina 
Quote/Saying: Don't worry about it! 
Ambition: To become a homicide de- 

Heather Metcalf 
Ambition: To be a nurse. 
Activities: Ring committee, prom con 


Gregory Michaud 

Suote/Saying: It's been a Past Experience. 
Ambition: To receive a Masters degree in 
Marketing and make a lot of money. 
\ctivities: Rock Band "The Past Experi- 
ence", National Honor Society, Music 
Honor Society, Jazz Band, Pit Orchestra 

Eric Michaud 

Kristy Minichino 
Quote/Saying: Keep your face to the 
Sunshine and you'll never see your 
Ambition: To make smiles. 

Jennifer Marie Molina 

Quote/Saying: To the past - farewell. 
Ambition: Keep away from people who try to be-little your 
ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great 
make you feel that you. too, become great. - MARK TWAIN 
Activities: National Honor Society - Vice President. National 
Art Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. Soccer, Basket- 
ball. MSPCA Volunteer,... osas cosas tambienM! Gracias 
Mama y Papa para su ayuda y palabras de cordura! 

Dennis Montero 
Den Den 

Quote/Saying: Hey forget about it. 
Ambition: To be great at whatever I do. 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-3, Volleyball 3-4, Track 
1, Drill Team 1-3, Color Guard 1-3, D.C Club 
2-4, Peer Mediator 3-4, Peerleader 3-4, RPRC 
4, Life Olympics 1-2,4. 

Crystal Mooneyhan 
Ambition: To live life to the fullest and 
be myself always. 

Chanel Moreau 

Cynthia Morin 




Quote/Saying: That which does not kill you, only makes you 




Activities; Varsity Cheerleading 1-4 Capt. 4, Spring Track 1-2, 

Peer Mediation 1-4, Peer Leaders 1-4, DARE 1-4. Read-Along 

4, Life Olympics 1-2, International Club 12, Spanish Honor 


Brooke Moury 

Joyce Muise 

To be happy and successful, and always be 

Kevin Muise 
Quote/Saying: Are you going to eat 

Activities: Italian International Club 3-4 
Sen Rep., National Art Honor Society 




Jonathan Murray 

Quote/Saying: Don't be afraid to be your- 
self. ..because if you're not, then who are you? 
Ambition: Computer Engineer. To live a happy 
life and make money. 

Activities: National Honor Society 2-4, Inter- 
national 3-4, Drug Awareness DARE 3-4 

John Muse 

Randall Nault 

Nicole Mesbitt 

Heather O'Brien 

Kathryne O'Connell 

Shayna O'Donohue 

Lin lew 
Quote/Saying: There is only one truth. - 

Ambition: I hope to have more love and 
more knowledge with each year, also I want | 
fame and happiness. 

Jennifer Orlando 

Ariel Ovalles 

Quote/Saying: There are no short-cuts 
in life 

Ambition: To become a doctor 
Activities: Dancing 

Jennifer Pacheco 

Quote/Saying: Never give up because miracles 
happen everyday 

Ambition: To always be happy and successful. 
Activities: Class Secretary 1, Vice President 3-4, 
National Honor Society 2-4 Treasurer 4, Volleyball 
1-4, Tennis 1-4 Capt. 4, Spanish Honor Society 4, 
International Club 1-4 

Sarah Paine 
Quote/Saying: Gimme a break 
Ambition: To become successful and 
have fun doing it. 


Joel Paolantonio 

Alan Patel 

Quote/Saying: If you don't have anything sincere to 
say, then don't say anything at all 
Ambition: To enjoy life 

Activities: Indoor Track 1-4 Capt. 4, Outdoor Track 
2-4, Cross Country 1-2.4, Tennis 1, National Hon. 
Society 2-4. International Club 2-4 Pres. 3-4, Span- 
ish Hon. Society 4, Yearbook 4, Student Senate 2-4 

Parth Patel 

Ralph Patterson 

Stephen Pellerin 

Quote/Saying: Go Hard or Go Home 
Activities: Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4 
Capt. 4, National Honor Society 2-4, 
JROTC 1-4 

Katiria Perez 

Alicia Piazza 

Kenneth Pilz 

Quote/Saying: You gotta play with the cards 
life deals you 

Ambition: To be an F.B.I, or a U.S. Mar- 

Activities: Wrestling 1-4 Capt. 4. Football 1- 

Derek Pomerleau 

Kimberly Mary Potvin 

Quote/Saying: Life has a way of setting things in 
order and leaving them be. Very tidy, is life. 
Activities: National Honor Society 2-4, National Art 
Honor Society 2-4 Vice President 4, Varsity Swim 
Team 1-4 Capt. 4, Varsity Indoor Track 1-4 Capt. 
4, Varsity Outdoor Track 1-3, Student Council, 
International Club 3-4. Yearbook EIC. MSPCA 

Amy Marie Pritts 

Ambition: To be happy as a successful 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4 Capt. 4. Na- 
tional Honor Society 2-4, Nat. Art Hon. 
Society 2-4, International Club 1-4, Student 
Council 1-4 


Eric Provencal 

Quote/Saying: When the doors of per- 
ception are cleansed, you shall finally 
see things as they truly are. - JIM 
Activities: Baseball 1-4, Hockey 1-2 

Chris Ragland 

Meaghan Rainville 

Quote/Saying: Is that cream on your Khakis? 
Ambition: To find the yellow brick road. 
Activities: National Honor Society 4, Year- 
book 4 EIC 

Donna Reardon 

Karin Rhodes 

Lori Riley 

David Ripley 

Activities: Baseball 1-4, National Hon- 
or Society 2-4 

Jaime Rivera 

Perla Roberts 

Quote/Saying: Simple things amuse simple 

Ambition: To marry Enrique Iglesias 
Activities: Spanish Honor Society, Interna- 
tional Club, Computer Club, Science Club, 

Daniel Robinson 

David Rule 

Activities: Hockey Capt., Baseball 

Manale Saade 


Candace Salois 

3uote/Saying: Live life to the fullest, 

/ou only live once. 

Ambition: To become a paramedic 

Amy Sandner 
Quote/Saying: I'm all set!! 
Ambition: Physical Therapist 

Corey Santasky 

Andrea Sapienza 



#*' .41! 


I'' 1 . : 


Melanie Schindler 

Kara Scione 

Ambition: To live life one day at a 


Activities: Dance 1-4, Milli Vanilli 4, 

Community Service 1-4, Field Hockey 

l-4Capt. 4 

Michelle Sevoian 

Ami Shah 

Katharine Shea 

Kathleen Shea 

Lindsay Silk 

Quote/Saying: Don't let life pass you 


Ambition: Undecided 

Activities: Spanish Honor Society, 

Colorguard, Winterguard 

Katie Simone 

Quote/Saying: Keep your face to the sun and you'll 

never see the shadows 

Ambition: To be a well off business woman who is 

always happy 

Activities: Treasurer 2-4, Volleyball 1-4, Tennis 1-3 

Capt. 4, Spanish Honor Society 4, International 

Club 1-4 


Kara Skandier 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-3, Swimming 
1-3, National Honor Society, National 
Art Honor Society 

Nicholas Slipp 

Activities: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-2, 
Indoor Track 3-4, Outdoor Track 2-4, 
National Honor Society 2-4, Nat. Art 
Hon. Society 2-4 

Samuel So 

Jennifer Solomon 

Jen, Sol 

Quote/Saying: ...ST. ..ENDS, Super Sensational 7, 
Fate can only take you so far, because once you 
are there it is up to you to make it happen. 
Ambition: To go to college and be successful in j 
whatever I do. 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4 Capt. 4, Softball 1-4 
Capt. 4, Basketball 1-2, Read Along, DARE 

Meaghan Soucy 
Quote/Saying: OGMPA 
Ambition: Be a bartender 

Stephanie Dawn Soucy 
Quote/Saying: What, well whatever 
Ambition: To own my own business 

Frederick Spaid 
Quote/Saying: DCIDE 
Ambition: To be a Psychologist 
Activities: Methuen Pep Club 

Joseph S. Stanganelli, Jr. 

Ambition: To gradually make the career transition 
to acting full-time. 

Activities: Concert/Marching Band 1-4, Low Brass 
section leader 3, Jazz Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-4, 
Pep Band Director 2-4, School Musical 2-4, De- 
bate Society 1-2 Treasurer 2. Lyceum 2 

Kara Stewart 

A.K.A. Bezoo, Stewie, Slipsey 
Quote/Saying: Everything happens for a reason. 
Friends are angels that lift us to our feet. Super 
Ambition: To marry George Clooney and have a 
happy and healthy life 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-3. Basketball 1-2, Soft- 
ball 1-2, Class Secretary 2-4, Peer Leader, Blood 
Drive. Senior Class Play, Special Olympics 

Curtis Stoker 

Jonathan Strasnick 

Quote/Saying: It's not whether you win or lose, 
it's whether or not you get dirty or not 
Ambition: To become a trainer for a profes- 
sional sports team. 

Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Winter Track, 
Varsity Spring Track, International Club 

Shannon Sullivan 
Quote/Saying: Oh Charlie 
Ambition: To be successful in all I do 
Activities: Cheerleading 1-4 Capt. 4, 
Peer Mediation 1-4, Peerleader 1-4. 


Anthony Summa 
Ambition: To have a great and suc- 
cessful life 
Activities: Basketball 1-4 

Colleen Titcomb 

Quote/Saying; Friendship is the shadow of the 
evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of 

Ambition: To play Eponine in Les Miserabies, one 
day make it to Broadway, become a marine biolo- 
gist, and see the world. 

Activities: Cross Country 2, Spring Track 1-2. 
Winter Track 1-2. Drama Club 1-2, Peer Mediation 
3-4, Musical 1-2, Senior Class Play 4, Chorus 1-3. 

Cliffton Thomas Towne 

Activities: Baseball 1-4 

Martin Tran 

Ambition: Chemical Engineer 
Activities: International Club, Reading 

Raymond Tremblay 
Ambition: To be an electrical engineer 
Activities: Golf, Indoor Track, Outdoor 
Track, International Club 

Jason Trovato 

Activities: Hockey 1-4 Co-Capt. 4, Na- 
tional Honor Society 2-4, Spanish 
Honor Society 4 

Karine Tshibangu 

Ambition: To excel in perfection. 
Activities: Different Colors Club, Inter- 
national Club, Art Honor Society, 
Spanish Honor Society, Science Club 

Kerri Valentine 
Quote/Saying: Oh my God guess what 

Ambition: To become an FBI agent 
Activities: Figure Skating 1 -4 

Jonathan Van Horn 

Quote/Saying: The Difference between suc- 
cessful people and others is not a look of 
strength, not a lack of knowledge, but 
rather in a lack of will. 
Ambition: To become a businessman 
Activities: Football 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, 
Spring Track 2-4, International Club, 
Spanish Honor Society 

Jason Vasquez 

Ryan Vickers 

Quote/Saying: Live and Learn 
Ambition: To be a famous actor, or a 
Video Director 

Activities: JROTC 1-4, Ring Commit- 
tee 1 

Patrick Waldron 
Activities: Football 1-4, Wrestling 2-4, 
Track 2-4 



Kirk Walsh 

Rachel Walworth 

Derek Webley 

Activities: Varsity Football 1-4, Indoor 
Track 4; Outdoor Track 4 

Trisha Wilson 


Quote/Saying: Don't let yesterdays failures over- 
shadow tomorrow's dreams. 

Ambition: To live a long, happy, healthy and ! 
successful life 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4 Capt. 4, Basketball 1-2, 
Softball 1-4, National Honor Society 2-4, Mat. Art ] 
Hon. Society 2-4, Student Council 1-4 Treasurer 3. 

Kristina Yim 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Tennis 1- 
4, National Honor Society 2-4, Span- 
ish Honor Society 3-4, Art Honor 
Society 3-4, International Club 2-4 

Cindy Zacharias 

Luke Hamel 

Jonathan King 

Melanie Lozowski 

Erin Melia 

Jessica Rodriguez 

Candice Sirigos 



amar Beard 
ulie Beauchesne 
Aarc Belval 
vrysten Bettano 
veri Campanile 
ennifer Clegg 
ulio Cortes 
:ric David 
'ason Dowd 
tessica Frazier 
vevin Frazier 
Jrian Gauthier 
Aonica Gonzalez 
tyan Gregoire 
latt Holter 
Jenjamin Huss 
lill Janovsky 
Nicole Johnson 
Aelanie Lozowski 
lose Madera 
'sis Martinez 
Andres Mencia 
David Merrow 
Aatthew Michaud 

James Moran 

Tarrah Nicholson 

Christopher Nolet 

Melissa Nuzzi 

Ary Ortega 

Ivan Paniagua 

Melissa Paolino 

Hiren Patel 

Jenish Patel 

Kenneth Quigley 

Shamin Rahman 

Daniel Rockett 

Jessica Rodriguez 

Candace Salois 

Yeimi Sandoval 

Patrick Shea 

Candice Sirigos 

Stephanie Soucy 

Frederick Spaid 

Kathryn Tribandis 

Kerri-Ann Turmel 

Julie Varney 

Robyn Winsper 

cfa<* of 1999 

cfa« of 1999 ^s 

Melissa Kern 

Melissa defined the notion of a best friend. She was there 
any time anyone needed her, always willing to share a tear 
or a laugh. She is sadly missed by all who had the good 
fortune of knowing her. 

A pretty smile on a pretty face 

No one else will ever take your place. 

Your hair so blonde and your eyes so blue 

this is how we'll remember you. 

Someday God may tell us why 

He broke our hearts and let you die 

There are others, yes we know 

But you were our friend 

and we loved you so. 

Vicky L ' Italien 

Vicki was a bright light in art class and everywhere else. 
She brought warmth, vitality, exuberance, and a unique 
attitude that was contagious. She was always upbeat and 
her infectious smile brightened the classroom on the 
cloudiest of days. We are all fortunate that Vicki entered 
our lives and feel a greater love because of her. 

. . . "Truly angels, they were sent to Earth to make each 
one of us see that there is good everywhere and in 
everyone; we just might have to look a little harder or 
deeper than we normally do to find it. " 

. . . "When 1 heard the song playing in the background, "I 
Am Your Angel, " I thought it was a message from above. 
When you hear it, think of our angels. " 

Kristen Santoro 

If ever there was a smile that could brighten a room, 
laughter that could pull you out of the gloomiest of moods 
and a mind like a steel trap, they belonged to Kristen. Al- 
though Kristen was not with us for long, her impact on this 
school community has been immeasurable. Kristen was the 
"comeback kid," someone who not only recognized her 
mistakes and faults, but worked diligently to correct them. 
There are not many people in this world big enough to do* 
either one of those things, much less both. 

. . . "We all have angels guiding us. . . they look after us, heal 
us, touch us, comfort us with invisible warm hands. I believe 
that they are watching over us and guiding us along the 
way. Their spirit has brought us closer together in what! 
many have described as a state of unconditional love. " 
















■ ' 

Varsity Football 

The 98 Rangers prevailed with one of the 
best seasons coach Larry Klimas has seen 
in a while. Methuen, who ended up with 
an 8-3 record, started out from the blocks 
with a bang, knocking off five straight 
teams that included Saugus, Danvers, 
Chelmsford, Billerica, and Tewksbury. 
With a 5-0 record, the Rangers faced-off 
against rival, unbeaten Andover. The Blue 
took one on the chin and fell 27-8. Within 
the next four games, the Rangers went 
.500 going 2-2. Losses to Central Catho- 
lic and Lowell knocked them out of Super 
Bowl hopes. However, Thanksgiving Day 
proved special to the home crowd of 
1800 fans when the Rangers romped their 
long-time rival Dracut 34-6. This game 
meant a lot to the senior players who 
dedicated this game to the 4 girls who 
died tragically in car accidents. This 
season, which will remain in the seniors' 
hearts forever, will also be a constant 
memory to all. The team and student 
body at Methuen High helped each other 
cope with the loss of their Four "Angels". 

Coaches: (L-R) Don Gibson, Ken Palm, Larry Klimas, Joe Golec, Scott Blaney 



.. .., 

t t 




Captains: (L-R) Nick Leone, Nick Collopy, Josh Bard, Brad Beshara 

Field Hockey 

Pictured right are a group of team 
members warming up for the game. 

Below, the team gathers around wait- 
ing for coach McLaughlin's instruc- 

Senior Captain Jen Solomon prepares 
to whack the ball as her opponent 
watches from behind. 

Senior Captains Amy Pritts and Mi- 
chelle Sevoian (above) prepare for a 
corner shot as Kristina Yim (right) 
poses in her goalie equipment. Kris- 
tina, who was also a senior captain, 
led the team on the field at her goalie 

Pictured right, Michelle Sevoian 
charges after the ball, fending off the 
Chelmsford defender. 

^^^•'^7'' ' J 




1 * i 


^Kj ; ^^H 

r ' 



(left) The guys get nice and warmed 
up for the big game. 

Boys' Soccer 

(below) Captains Dan Cote (left) and 
Tom Dezenzo (right) 

(above) Whoops! Looks like someone 
can't stay on their feet. 

(left) Senior Jon Strasnik looks on and 
awaits the call from the ref. 

(left) Senior Brian Goosens kicks the 
ball into play. 


Girls' Soccer 

The Lady Rangers had an ex- 
citing season. They missed 
qualifying for the State Tour- 
nament by one game. The 
team included seniors Renee 

Benoit, Meaghan Kasper, Jen The Methuen bench ovedooks thejr 
MacLeod, and Jen Molina. 

Sr. Captain Jenny Molina fears no one 
while in goal. 

Methuen Soccer at its best in action. 

Amy Johnson (right) looks focused as 
she strides to the ball. 


Sr. Meghan Kasper (right) stepping up 
and playing superb Defense. 


Varsity Golf 

It was a most rewarding and satisfying sea- 
son for such a young team. The young play- 
ers worked hard and lifted this team. Karen 
Richardson, Head Coach 

Row 1 : Jake Alfano, Danny Koerner, Bryan Licciardi, Tim Koerner, Eric MacDonald 
Row 2: Jeff Humlett, Jeff Fragala, Jeff Nickolson, Jonathan Oka, Coach Karen Richardson 

Golf Captains 

Left to Right: Bryan Licciardi, Tim Koerner 


Girls' Volleyball 

The Girls' Volleyball team headed by captains Lisa Golobski, 
Trisha Wilson, and Mel DiGiacomo had an impressive season 
showing up strong in the state tourney. All-Conference 
selections on the team included Trisha Wilson who kept the 
team going all year. 

Below, Mel DiGiacomo and Jen Ca- 
raccio wait for the opponents' next 

In this picture, seniors Mel DiGia- 
como, Hilary Glynn, Trisha Wilson, 
Lisa Golobski, and Sarah Benoit con- 
verge after a great play on their part. 

Jen Pacheco (right) palms the ball as 
she paces towards the end line to 
serve up a shot while Sarah Benoit (far 
right) looks on with concern as her 
team walks on to the court. 



Here, the cheerleading team works on 
a cheer routine on the sidelines of 
Nicholson Stadium. 

Below, the cheerleaders of the winter 
squad cheer at the Worcester Cen- 
trum where the girls basketball team 
won the state title. 

Below, Shannon Sullivan smiles for 
the camera during the Thanksgiving 
day game. 


Boys' Cross Country 

The Boys' Cross Country team 
endured a successful season 
pulling off a 10-1 record. 
Kevin Alliette, who was league 
runner of the year went unde- 
feated in dual meets breaking 
almost every course record in 
the area. Andie Colon, who 
was an all-conference se- 
lection also endured a great 
year. All-conference all-star 
selections included Alan Patel, 
Chris O'Rourke, Elvin Rey- 
noso, Eric Colon, and Billy 

(right) Elvin Reynoso and Eric Colon 
race past the Billerica runner as they 
stride through the wooded trail. 

Above, Nick Wlodyka and Al Soucy 
track through the woods. 

All-Star cross country runner Alan 
Patel stands alone in the woods run- 
ning towards daylight during the meet. 

Pictured right, Kevin Alliette and Andie 
Colon stride towards the finish line fin- 
ishing 1-2. 


Girls' Cross Country 

(below) Sr. Captain Kara Harrison is 
alone as she exits the hospital trails on 
our home course. 

The Girls cross country team was 
fortunate enough to have three great 
leaders. Sr. Captains (from left to 
right) Becky Markey, Kara Harrison, 
and Julie Matta. 

(left) MVC All-Star Becky Markey 
explodes out of the trails, ready for a 
strong finish. 

(left) Sr. Laura Curry tries to escape 
from teammate Holly Graham. 



Pictured here is Kaitlin Barker who 
improved her diving skills over her four 
years on the team. She ended her 
career at MHS leading the team as co- 
captain to her best season ever. 

Pictured are the two seniors who qualified 
for sectionals, Kim Potvin and Brenda 
Maunsell. Jillian Middlemiss, Sara Twomey, 
Sara Cowdrey, Jamie Greisbach, Holly Des- 
rocher, and Kelsey Dodge joined them this 
year. Kim Potvin, Jill Middlemiss, Holly Des- 
rocher, and Kelsey Dodge also qualified for 
State competition. 

(Below) Here's the day the coach wasn't at 
practice: Bikinis, fun and games. Pictured 
from left to right (Row 1) Kelsey Dodge, 
Sara Twomey, Megan Moses, Tracy Gaudet, 
Sara Cowdrey, Andrea Blackington, Steph 
Frazier, Kara Bean, Lauren Wholley, Erin 
Conlon, Erica Crabtree, Steph Soucy, and 
Melissa Cincotta. (on diving board) Joanna 
Bond, Kim Potvin, Brenda Maunsell, and 
Jessica Frazier. 

(Above) Captains celebrating after the 
MVC's. (L-R) Jessica Frazier, Lisa 
Field, Joanna Bond, Kaitlin Barker, 
Brenda Maunsell, and Kim Potvin. 

To the right, Lauren Wholley stands 
on the blocks as she waits for the gun. 

(Right) Co-captain Joanna Bond at 
tempts her favorite stroke - the "Fly." 


To the left Joanna Bond, Jessica 
Frazier, and Brenda Maunsell tread in 
the pool and look on as the divers 
practice their moves. 

Captains (left to right) Jessica Frazier 
who swam the 100 yd back stroke, 
Brenda Maunsell who competed in the 
100 yd and 50 yd freestyle, Kim Potvin 
who holds the 100 yd breast stroke 
record with a time of 1:15.2, Joanna 
Bond who swam the 100 yd butterfly, 
and Katlin Barker who was the only 
senior diver. All five girls were on the 
team all four years. 

Below, Holly Desrochers performs 
a reverse dive. She won 1 st or 2 nd in 
every meet, earning her an MVP 

Above, assistant coach Trisha Maun- 
sell yells to her team as Jillian Mid- 
dlemiss focuses on her upcoming 

To the left, co-captain Jessica Frazier 
assists another teammate get 
ready for her race. 

(Pictured left) The MHS swim team 
practices before their meet. 


Fall Sports 










Figure Skating 

Indoor Track 

The Indoor track team had an 
exceptional 98-99 season. They fin- 
ished the season with a 6-0-1 record, 
remaining the only undefeated team in 
the MVC this season. Methuen named 
Jim Giarrusso, Andie Colon, Kevin Al- 
liette, and Alan Patel to the All-Con- 
ference team. They were also able to 
claim a number of All-Stars including 
Seniors Mike Giarrusso, Brad Carson, 
and Chris Ragland. 

Exceptional coaching by coaches 
Golec, Klimas, Fuller, and Gibson lead 
the rangers to their championship. 

Captain Mike Giarusso sprints around 
the final corner in the 300. 


Chris Ragland (above) sprints out of 
the blocks in the 50. 

Captain Doug Caux (right) gets ready 
to throw the shot put. 

Co-MVP Kevin Alliette (right) finished 
the season undefeated, he is pictured 
here, running the 2 mile. 

The MHS Indoor track team was lead 
to its championship by captains Nick 
Collopy, Mike Giarrusso, Doug Caux, 
and Alan Patel (left). Coach Golec and 
Gibson converse while watching the 
deuce (upper right comer). 

The Rangers celebrate their victory 
over Haverhill, as they claim the MVC 
Championship (left). Junior John Baz- 
danes flies around the turn in the 300 




V ' 

> ffwM 





\~-~~~^ — j 


All-Conference Captain Alan Patel nervously waits for 
the 4X800 results to be posted at NATIONALS (left). 
Billy Forbes coming off the turn in the two mile 


Girls' Basketball 

The 1999 Girl's Basketball team had one of their greatest seasons ever, by 
refusing defeat. Led by their captains, Lisa Golobski and Hilary Glynn, they 
prevailed on by winning the Christmas Tournament vs. archrival, Andover 
then the Division 1 North Finals vs. Haverhill 59-46. At this pace the Lady 
Rangers were unstoppable, as they continued their victory as Eastern Mass. 
Champs, defeating Attleboro 56-48, and finally Division 1 State Champions 
defeating Shrewsbury 50-43. This was an extremely emotional time for all 
the players, especially because they had lost four friends in a car accident 
this past fall. The girls were determined to bring MHS' spirit up, and by 
winning the state title they not only brought spirits up, they brought the 
town of Methuen its Second State Championship. 

Forward Laura Curry drives to the 

Boys Basketball team captains Brad 
Beshera and Bryan Kinneen were 
among the Girls' top fans. 

Sr. Member Jenny Molina enjoys the 
sweet taste of victory. 

Katherine Curry goes in for a steal 



Senior Lisa Golobski at the line in the 
Worcester Centrum. 

Methuen High School's favorite team 
celebrating their championship. 

(below) Coach Mimi Hyde paces the 
MIAA side lines. 

Amy Johnson at the free throw line. 

(left) Captains Golobski and Glynn are 
presented with the state's most prized 


Winter Track 

Captains: (L-R) Kathy Shea, Kara 
Harrison, Kim Potvin, Janel Henry 

The Girls Track team pictured are (L- 
R) - first row sitting - Janel Henry, 
Kara Harrison, Kim Potvin, Kathy 
Shea, Erica Balfour. (Row 2) Nicole 
Nesbitt, Margaux Griffin, Emily Sturgis, 
Lauren Suarez, Lindsay Santoro, 
Annie Sturgis, Mel Losowski, 
Stephanie Mariano. (Row 3) Coach 
Ernie Perry, Susie Forbes, Nicole 
Carrier, Michelle Santoro, Cara 
Conway, Caitlin McCarthy, Katie Yim, 
Melanie Bard, Tracy Tobacco, Coach 
Bill Blood. 

Below, Erica Balfour gears up during 
her shot put throw. 

ft &A& * * *■ 

ex fk 


Caitlin McCarthy (above), grabs the 
lead in the 50m hurdles. 

To the right, Captain Kim Potvin 
strides by in the mile run. 

(Right) Susie Forbes and Carissa 
Marslow leave Tewksbury in the dust 
around the final turn. 


Boys' Basketball 

Elvin Reynoso (left) watches his shot fall through. 
Brad Beshera (middle left) faces up with confidence. 
Sr. Captain Beshera (below) pulls up for the three. 
Sr. Co-Captain Bryan Kinneen (right) grabs a re- 
bound with authority. 


To the right, junior wrestler Rob Mateo 
fights hard to escape his opponent. 

Ranger wrestler Ollie is on the bottom 
waiting for the referee's whistle. 

Above, Adam Pellerin is anxious to 
take down his opponent. 

One of our Ranger wrestlers tries to 
break neutral with a Chelmsford op- 




~ * 1-Jft 

,v ■ 


m ***** 


Senior wrestler Mike Lasonde dances 
around on the mat facing his oppo- 


(left) Miguel Flores grabs a hold of his 

(below) Here the team gets in a hud- 
dle and gets ready for one of their 
biggest matches. 

(below) Senior Mike Lasonde is ready 
to take down his opponent to the 

(left) Miguel Flores warms up for his 
big match. 



Boys' Hockey 

Skating up the ice avoiding the 
Tewksbury defender are Nick Maloney 
and Derek Pomerleau. 

GOAL! Below, Ranger teammates 
celebrate their goal as Corey Santaski 
looks on. 

Below, Kirk Walsh checks the de- 
fender into the boards. That 
Tewksbury guy has now become a 
board advertisement. 

Above, goalie Danny Bonfiglio 
stretches out during the pre-game 

To the right, Chris Cagliuso looks 
back for the puck. Cags was among 
the league leaders in points this year 
and was named to the Eagle-Tribune 
all-star team. 

(to the right) Jay Trovato skates to- 
ward the puck. Jay was one of the 
captains on the team this year. 


(left) Senior Captain Dave Rule pats 
his teammate on the head during a 
pregame warmup. 

(below) One of our Rangers gets ready 
and stretches out during the pregame 

(above) Danny Bonfiglio gets ready to 
make a big save. 

(left) One of our Rangers races for the 


■ • . V \ 

Girls' Ski Team 


The girls team improved this year and gained 
confidence. The Lady Rangers rallied to give 
numerous opponents fierce competition. 

Members of the girls 1998-1999 ski team were: Heather Norcross, Kaitlin Barkes, Lisa Field, Kimberly Gallant, 
Meghan Moses, Nicole Fluet, Jamie Greisbach, Morgan Haney, Andrea Blackington, Nicole Ryizdeluzriaga, Sta- 
cie Fouquart, Kim Newton, and Anne Woodard. 




Boys' Skiing 

We need to make a commitment to Ski 
Racing. Get away from the Ski Club mind 
set. Many of the kids stepped up and gave a 
good effort. Looking forward to next year. 
Michael Gerardi. Head Coach. 


The Girls gymnastics team with only 
seven gymnasts pulled off a great 
year. Led by captain Dawn Aiello 
(conference all-star), the team finished 
3 rd overall at the MVC gymnastics 

Jen Caraccio (below) composes her- 
self before performing her gymnastic 
routine. The team (right) Coach Ber- 
geron, Lisa Bebou, Laura Barbagallo, 
Virginia Stacy, Amanda Arsenault, 
Coach Kevin Gendreau, Jen Caraccio, 
Dawn Aiello, and Holly Desrocher. 

Laura Barbagallo (above) is about to 
grasp the uneven bars. 

Dawn Aiello (right) smiles happily on 
the beam after successfully landing a 


Holly Desrochers (right) swings from 
one uneven bar to the next. 

Winter Sports 






nr i . JL, 



, . i 














un»- ^m 









'■'■ - . ■ ■■ 





Boys' Tennis 





(left) One of our Rangers takes a nice 
swing at the ball. 

(below) The team led by head coach 
Don Smith. 

(below) Craig Defrancesco gets ready 
to take a whack at that tennis ball. 

(right) Jason Chan awaits the ball to 
be serve to him. 

(left) One of the assistant coaches 
shows how its done. . .with style. 

Boys Spring Track 

Brad Beshera (top left) sprints to the finish line. Sr. Alan Patel (below) 
warms up for the half. 

tv 4 

^B' v "j^^ 

Is' b« " ~i 

£« " ' -i**Jf 
IS ...- "W:"-. 

■ *i. 

e>4 >.'■;*• 

f OR 

5 £J 



Kevin Alliette (middle right) was one of the state's elite 
milers. Sr. Captain Nick Collopy (right) proved to be the 
team's most consistent Triple Jumper. The 4X800 (far right) 
was the dominant relay team in the league, going unde- 
feated through states. 

The Boys Spring Track team enjoyed a 
fine season in 1999. They not only 
avenged their 1998 loss to Haverhill to 
gain the MVC Small School Title, but they 
also brought home the Haverhill Invita- 
tional Title, and captured the State Class 
A Relays Championship. Methuen suf- 
fered only one loss all season, and was 
runner up to Central Catholic at the MVC 
League Meet. At this meet, Methuen 
named Brad Carson, Kevin Alliette, Mike 
Giarrusso, Derek Webley, Sean Furey, 
Doug Caux, and the 4X800 team (Erik 
Colon, Kevin Alliette, Alan Patel, and 
Andie Colon) to the All-Conference team. 


Boys Spring Track 

Methuen was lead through this successful season by the leadership of captains Brad Carson, Kevin Alliette, Doug Caux, 
Nick Collopy, and Andie Colon (above). Nick Slipp (right) had a fine season, he placed third at states to qualify for the All- 
State Meet. 

Captain Doug Caux in action (above). Jr. Keith 
Gormley clears the high jump (middle right). Field 
MVP Chris Ragland was a serious threat in the triple 
jump. Captain Andie Colon looks focused as he 
approaches his mark (far right). itai 

Girls Spring Track 

The Girls Spring track team 
had another fine season. They 
lost only 2 meets in their divi- 
sion. The team named Caitlin 
Macathy as their running MVP 
and Katherine Eaton as their 
field MVP. Methuen had a 
number of runners qualify for 
the state meet and named a 
number of athletes to the MVC 
all-star and All-Conference 


Jr. Holly Desrocher takes off in the 
100 (above). Soph. Kaitlin Gallo pre- 
pares to take off for a jump (below). 

'^^^ : ''*"^% i 

Laura Barbagallo flies down the 
runway (above). Katie Yim clears the 
high jump with ease (top left). Jr. 
Nicole Carrier releases the shot 
(bottom left). Michelle Santoro's face 
tells everybody how fun the two mile is 
(bottom right). 



Boys' Baseball 

This years' Ranger Baseball team was 
led into action by three Sr. members, 
Cliff Towne, Shawn Dunleavy, and 
Tim Koerner. 

The highlight of this year's season 
came with an emotional victory over 
top ranked Andover. U Grasso 
pitched an excellent game. Sr. captain 
Tim Koerner came in later in the 
game to lead the team to victory. 


MVC All-Conference player, U Grasso 
on the mound. 

League Ail-Star Bo Delduca scrambles 
to first base. 

Junior Nelson Mendoza fielding a ball 


; ' . . ■ ■ 

Girls' Softball 

The softball team had a challenging year. 
Senior Co-Captains Jenn Macleod and Jen 
Solomon. Senior Members were: Sarah Be- 
noit, Melanie DiGiacomo, Rebecca Hajj, 
Trisha Wilson 


To the right, Luke Hamel takes a 

Below, All-Conference captain Jerad 
Bell looks on the court, giving instruc- 
tions to his team. 

Above, Jerad takes a seat next to 
coach Blanchett. 

Senior Kyle Berube digs out a serve to 
be set up at the net. 

On the right; Jerad Bell gives a bump 
set to the outside. 

Luke Hamel (left) dives for the ball as 
it heads towards the out-of-bounds 

Below, Luke sets a ball, and Ralph 
pounds it into the net. 

(Below) Captains Jerad Bell and Luke 

Above, Jerad Bell dives toward the ball 
to dig out an approaching serve. 

Left, Luke Hamel sets a ball to the 

Left, the team huddles up before a big 
game for their pre-game frenzy ritual. 



Pictured right are the captains (L-R) 
Jen Pacheco, Katie Simone, Kristina 
Yim, Andrea Benson 

Katie Simone (below) slams a fore- 
hand shot during one of her matches. 

Jen Pacheco (above), smiles as she 
hits the ball, while Riddi Mehta (right) 
concentrates highly on the approach- 
ing shot. 

(right) Senior captain Kristina Yim 
takes a practice forehand swing. 



Spring Sports 



Methuen High School Athleti 


Athletes of the Year 

Kevin Alliette 

Lisa Golobski 

R"c* 9&i',' 

." ' ' 







*^FI, MS, 



?a;- : 

Kevin, who was a three-sport all-confer- 
ence runner and league MVP for cross- 
country will be running for the Riverhawks 
of Gmass-Lowell in the fall. 

Lisa, an all-conference basketball player 
and Eagle-Tribune all-star will play bas-: 
ketball this winter for Bates College. 


Sports Awards Night 


Clubs and 



nternational Club 

International Day 

The International Club en- 
joyed another fine year. Led by 
the Foreign Language Depart- 
ment, the International Club 
helped promote cultural knowl- 
edge and friendship. Their 
main event during the year, 
International Day, was a huge 
success, as it received much 
media attention from the area. 
Sr. Members of the club in- 
cluded Kevin Alliette, Joseph 
Alourdes, Rachael Belanger, 
Jennifer Chan, Cinthia Chung, 
Lizbeth Cintron, Nicholas Col- 
lopy, Raymond Colon, Elaine 
Eng, Leila Qebeili, Brian Kos- 
lowski, Riddhi Mehta, Misty 
Mottram, Kevin Muise, Parth 
Patel, Perla Roberts, Sam So, 
Karine Tshibangu, and Presi- 
dent Alan Patel. 



ilM ; (-0 \\ i 

I j i 

• it 0,-^ * 


' fife J 

• » 



■ • 



5 *.,r 


I *"* 

Spanish Honor Society 

French Honor Society 

Italian Honor Society 


Spanish/French Honor Society 

Sr. Shannon Sullivan is extra careful 
while lighting her ceremonial candle. 

Julie Windham prepares to light her 

Jr. Chis LaCasse and Sr. Amiee Ellen- Lauren Wholley shields her candle 
wood start the ceremony by lighting from a breeze, 
the pilot candle. 


World Language Honor Society 

(below) Senior Kristina Yim gets to 
light the glorious candle. 


(left) Lauren Wholly, Shannon Sulli- 
van, Sarah Paine, Margaux Griffin, and 
Elaine Eng are awaiting to be inducted 
into the society. 

(left) Margaux is all smiles now that (above) Senior Misty Mottram tries to 
she's finally in the society. organize the induction so everything 

goes right. 


National Honor Society 

NHS Officers: Secretary Jen Pacheco, President - 
Mick Collopy, Vice President - Jenny Molina, Histo- 
rian - Matt Demko, and Treasurer Jen Fraser. 

Music Honor Society 

Row 1: Laurie Pinciak, Bonnie Walsh, Chris Slipj 
Christine Puopolo, Stephanie Privitera, Abbey Bake 
and Joseph Stanganelli. Row 2: Peter Zelic, Ashl 
Souza, Natalie Lipomi, Alyssa Cortellino, and G 
leen Titcomb. Row 3: Eric Michaud, Scott Lambak 
Dan Robinson, Dave Merrow, Erin McNeill, Ry 
Gregoire, and Matt Benjamin. 


Computer Club 

bunter-clockwise Jennifer Chan, Steve Eng, Viet 
ham, Kevin Eng, Jason Chan, Kevin Muse, Beth 
!harest, Rachael Bellanger, Cinthia Chung, Molly 
ten, Perla Roberts, and Elaine Eng. 

The Lyceum 

Evan Charest, Mathew Maggio, Jeff Rousseau, Anna 
fombourrakis, Angelina Milinazzo, Natalie Lessard, 
ind Beth Charest. 

Science Club 

"irst Row: Riddhi Mehta, Jennifer Chan, Elaine Eng, 
md Cinthia Chung. Second Row: Jason Chan, Paul 
Jiancardi, Alan Patel, and Parth Patel. 


National Art Honor Society 

Seniors: Jim Angelone, Erica Balfour, Kelly Bresnahan, Jennifer W. Chan, Kolleen Carney, Cinthia Chung, Elaine Eng, Kadi Dooley, Lisa Field, Mellissa Higgins, Bon* 
Kang, Meghan Kasper, Gretchen Kiessling, Julie Matta, Mary Men, Jennifer Molina, Shane Morrison, Kevin Muise, Nicole Marie Nesbitt, Amy-Marie Pritts, Kim Potvin 
Nicolas Slipp, Mellisa Smith, Karine N. Tshibangu, Kristina Yim. 

Peer Leaders 

1 st row L-R Annie Sturgis, Michelle Payson, Evan Chaisson, Kaitlan Gallo, Kendra Hayjar, 2 nd row: Lindsay Waller, Amy Gunther, Jen Solomon, Misty Mottram, Shayn 
L. O'Donohue, Casey B. Lowe, Christine Zalaket, 3 rd row Pricilla Cepeda, Koa Caulton, Emily Sturgis, Julie Pendergast. 


Different Colors Club 

Gay/Straight Alliance 

Different Colors Club (from L to R) 1 st 
Row: Nicole Fluet, Matthew Maggio, 
Julie Matta, Janel Henry, Riddhi Meh- 
ta, Elaine Eng, Karine Tshibangu, 
Alourdes Joseph. 2 nd Row: Meghi 
Mehta, Katie Graham, Dennis Monero, 
Jane Chang, Natacha Tshibangu, 
Lissete Caraballo. 


Drama Club 

First Row: Kristin Hobbs, Jen Giorato, Eileen O'Don- 
ohue, Beth Charest, Elaine Eng, and Luisa Pena. 
Second Row: Carol-Ann Rousseau, Nicole Ash, 
Margaux Griffin, Alyssa Cortellino, Joe Stanganelli, 
Rosemary Colon, Noelia Cabrera, Joel Paolan- 
tonio, and Melissa Powell. Third Row: Joshua Fiore, 
Ryan Gregoire, Richard Hoehn, Liofina Zapata, 
Carine Corsaro, Julie Varney, and Guadalupe Rod- 

■ i , if 

2%"* f il 1 

Jazz Band 

First Row: Matt Benjamin, Ashley 
Souza, Jamie DeGaspe, Dan Robin- 
son, Matalie Lipomi, Heather Nor- 
cross, Emily Toabe, Jimmy Murray, 
Brian Buckley, and Chris Slipp. Sec- 
ond Row: Eric Michaud, Sarah Be- 
rube, Eric Poster, Joe Stanganelli, Erin 
McNeill, and Anthony Deluca. Third 
Row: Adam Ramey, David Merrow, 
Christina Landolt, Ryan Gregoire, Kirk 
Walsh, Aaron Zabierek, and Isaac 

Concert Choir 

Row 1 : Eileen O'Donohue, Nicole Ash, 
Julie Varney, Deborah Arnold, Alyssa 
Cortellino, Shuana Razza, Melissa 
Dayson, Tiffany Tremblay, and Sharon 
Buck. Row 2: Natalie Lipomi, Chris 
Kady, Richard Hoehn, Caitlin Reusch, 
Talana Deshaies, Jamie Razza, Carol- 
ann Rousseau, and Elizabeth Kins- 
man. Row 3: Ryan Gregoire, Ralph 
Patterson, Erin Bolduc, Hillary Len- 
non, ana Joanny Vasquez. 


Music Officers 

Christine Puopolo, Matt Benjamin, 
Ryan Gregoire, Dan Robinson, and 
Erin McNeill. 

Musical "How to Succeed in Business 
Without Really Trying" and PIT Band 


PEP Club 

Row 1: Corey Santasky and Kyle Berube. Row 2: 
Jen Solomon, Jen Macleod, Trisha Wilson, Katie 
Simone, and Jen Pacheco. Row 3: Tara Arlitt and 
Nancy Freitas. 



i^ A 


m.'^* VB 

Bl — ^^^^k V^^l 


' i W* ^^H 

pr •/ 

V,^ ^ 

BO 1 

Spain Trip '99 

W 1 


| Af 

B i 




1 : ^B 





(Below) Senior Jenny Molina gets 
ready to put on a show for the whole 
school. (Right) Tony and Ariel are the 
original Milli Vanilli's. 


(left) Who knew that teachers could 
dance ... as Mr. Pez and the rest of 
the faculty get down. 

Milli Vanilli 

(left) Senior Kristina Knight is enjoying 
herself as she puts on a show for the 
whole school. 

(left) Check out some of the senior 
girls shakin' their booty . . . wahoo! 

h^^n %^%&&yty^ 


Senior Class Play 





The senior class play "Cinder the Big 
Top" was a pleasant success in both 
production and fundraising. This play 
was led by Methuen High's top senior 
actors and actress. 

(right) Julie Varney, Elaine Eng, Cindy 
Zacharias, Riddi Mehta, and Becky 
Markey look on while Katlin Barker as 
"dipsy" and Kara Stewart as "slipsy" 
grasp the spotlight. 

Brian Koslowski as "Buster Buster" 
strikes a pose as he looks for his girl- 
friend in the play. 

Meghan Kasper (below) dressed as a 
cowgirl voices her opinion in the play 
while Elaine Eng and Riddi Mehta 
(right) clown around on stage. 


Josh Fiore as the "Ringmaster" and 
Ralph Patterson as "the confused 
businessman" (above) took the lead 
roles in the senior class play. 

Below, Renee Benoit and Kristina 
Knight as "The Stupids," try to heist 
the money away during the play and 
(left), Andie Colon and Brad Carson 
clown around on stage. Brad finally 
has the guts to ask the question to 
Andie "who does he think he really is?" 

(Left to Right) Becky Markey, Joel 
Paonlotonio, Julie Varney seem dis- 
tressed over Dennis Montero's quab- 
bling about the stolen money. 

Above, Principal Ms. Parker, Assistai. 
Principal Ms. Kelley, and Mr. Sestini 
look on while the senior actors and 
actresses of '99 perform for the crowd. 

(Above) Kadi Dooley and Katie Si- 
mone light up the stage in scene 




JROTC Military Ball 


Marching Band 


Student Council 

■if its 


First Row (L-R): Lisa Golobski, LJ Grasso, Trisha Wilson, Nathan Cardino, Emily Sturgis, and Nicole Carrien 
Second Row: Kristi Gallo, Caitlin Revsch, Robyn DelDuca, Billy Bennett, Jenny Molina, and Kendra Hajjar 
Third Row: Kallie Nordengrew, Shivani Patel, Kristen Hobbs, Jamie Bellavance, and Lindsy Comeau. 

First Row (L-R): Robyn DelDuca, Meghi Mehta, Min Kim, Lindsy Comeau, Kaitlin Gallo, Nathan Cardino, and 
Billy Bennett. Second Row: Kendra Hajjer, Erick Colon, Alan Patel, Trisha Wilson, Emily Sturgis, and Nicole 
Carrier. Third Row: Kristy Gallo, Kallie Nordengren, and Caitlin Reusch. 



Senior Officers 


Brian Koslowski - President, Kara Stewart - Secretary, Jen Pacheco - Vice President, Katie Simone - Treasurer 

Junior Officers 

Christine Zalaket - President, Holly Desrocher - Treasurer, Julie Pendergast - Secretary, Dan Cote - Vice President 



Freshman Officers 



Alexis Battle - Secretary, Kerri Hadley - President, Marianella Amato - Treasurer, Billy Hutton - Vice President 

Sophomore Officers 

Amanda Solomon - Treasurer, Pamela DeGregorio - President, Evan Chaisson - Vice President, Julie Ann Plouffe - Sec- 


; C-lASS oF 1 9c? 9 


Class of 1 999 Candids 










E> G 


King + Queen 

Andie Colon + Misty Mottram 

Andie, a multi-talented all-league run- 
ner and decathlete will be attending 
(Jmass-Lowell in the fall. 

Misty, an all-American cheerleader, wil 
be attending and cheering for North 
eastern University this fall. 




^f * "*"rl 

ltb> mk 

Hi "*3* Jl Bff 


*43 ■ 



Here, Andie escorts homecoming participants Nicole Corriveau 
and Denise Duverge on the field. 

Above, Misty leads her team through a cheer on Thanksgiving day. 


Venus + Apollo 

Nicole Corriveau + L.J. Grasso 

Nicole, who will be attending 
(Jmass-Lowell, was runner-up 
homecoming queen. 

LJ, a multi-talented athlete, will 
be playing baseball at Worces- 
ter State College. 



Casey Lowe + Thai Luong 

Thai, who played football and ran track for the rangers will be attend- 
ing Northeastern University while Casey Lowe plans to attend Mid- 
dlesex College for the fall semester. 


Cupid's Couple 

Brenda Maunsell + Brian Goossens 

Brenda & Brian, two friendly and charming peo- 
ple have hooked up through their high school 
years to become the finest couple at MHS. 


Class Flirt + Cassanova 

Kristina Knight + Shane Battle 


r ^M 

I 1 

a m 

At MHS, Kristina played field hockey 
for four years while Shane played foot- 
ball and wrestled for the rangers. 

Class Clowns 

Janel Henry + Mike Canzano 

Janel and Mike could be seen around the halls at MHS joking 
around, making people laugh. Janel could also be seen at the 
track where she threw the shotput for the lady rangers. 


Nicest Smile 

Diana Dellanno + Nick Leone 

Diana was a co-captain on the cheer- 
leading squad this year. She was also 
named an all-american cheerleader by 
the NCA. 










Nick, being a 3-year varsity starter 
the ranger football team was nam 
co-captain. He is also well-known 
his weight lifting skills. 

Nicest Eyes 

Alicia Piazza + Jay Vasquez 


Best Friends 

Kim Potvin + Joanna Bond 

LJ. Grasso + Alan Patel 

m and Joanna have been best 
2nds since elementary school. Kim 
be attending Merrimack College 
lile Joanna opted for Boston Gniver- 

Alan and LJ have been best friends 
since the 1 st grade. They grew up 
together in the same neighborhood 
and have been going to the same 
schools ever since. They are parting in 
college when Alan moves into timass- 
Lowell and LJ heads out west to 
Worcester State. 

Most Athletic 

Lisa Golobski + Nick Collopy 

At MHS, Nick captained the football 
and track teams and was named to 
the MVC all-conference team his sen- 
ior year at linebacker. 

48*mK; ljk-AkJr> 

JtM ' C 


■-.:■;. JHt ■ ■■* £• * 1 vCj^» 


J^ii. JL 4 P-J^L^^ 


^^ p^ ! 

M^^^i ^(HHp 

Lisa, who captained the volleyball 
basketball, and track teams, obtainec 
the honor "athlete of the year" a: 
MHS. She also made the all-confer 
ence team for basketball while leadinc 
her team to the state title. 



Most Artistic 

Kadi Dooley + Jim Angelone 

)im could be seen always at 
AHS painting his unique mu- 
als of picturesque displays of 


Best Dressed 

Kara Skandier + Jay Driscoll 



^4 Kadi, who also painted some 
--S Si'C MHS murals, won the Art Dept. 
Achievement award. 

Kara and Jay always kept up in style, whether 
it was at the prom, a sporting event, or just 
an average day in school. Kara also partici- 
pated in swimming and gymnastics at MHS. 


Most Likely to 

Brian, who was class president, will be attending Clmass-Amherst while Jen, whc 
was salutatorian, will be attending Clmass-Lowell in the fall. 

Class Actor + Actress 

Matt Demko + Margaux Griffin 

Margaux Griffin was quite the actress participating 
heavily in the senior class play. She also played field 
hockey and ran track for the Rangers. She will be 
attending (Jmass-Amherst. Matt, who could also be 
our "class clown," also acted in the senior play. His 
witty remarks and straight face made everyone who 
knew Matt laugh hysterically. He will bring his 
comedy act to Holy Cross in the fall. 

Most Musically Talented ^ * 

The Past Experience + Erin McNeill 

The Past Experience consisting of Eric Michaud, Greg Davis, Matt Benjamin, Dan 
Robinson, and Ryan Gregoire were a little camera shy the day of the pictures. Who 
knows, they might be famous someday. Erin McNeill, who also won this superlative, 
could not be found during picture time. 




Most School Spirit 

Bryan Licciardi, Jen Solomon, Alan Patel 

The reason for three people in this 
category was due to a tie in the 
vote count. Alan Patel and Bryan 
Licciardi both won most school 
spirited. Alan ran distance for the 
ranger track team and was captain 
of the indoor season. Bryan, who 
played golf, ran track, and played 
baseball will be attending WPI this 
fall. Jen, who was league MVP 
during field hockey, will be at- 
tending Niccols College where she 
will play Softball. 

As pictured, Alan displays his love and gratitude for MHS as he shows his 
support towards the MVC girls basketball champions. 

Mr. + Mrs. Attitude 

Mike Giarrusso + Katie Simone 

Mike, who showed that attitude isn't everything, played football and ran track for the rangers. 
He was named to the all-conference track team in the 300m hurdles. He will be attending 
Merrimack in the fall. Katie, who also showed that attitude isn't everything, was active in many 
school activities such as the student senate, volleyball, and tennis in which she was captain. 
She will be attending Bentley. 


Class of 1 999 Candids 


Graduation Day 

June 4, 1999 was a special day for all 
who graduated. The weather was nice, 
the sun was shining, and everything 
looked beautiful. It was a day that will 
never be forgotten in the minds of the 
300 plus graduates of Methuen High 

Speaking at our graduation included members of our city's government includ- 
ing Mayor Dennis DiZoglio, and Dr. Superintendent Charles Littlefield. Valedicto- 
rian Cindy Zacharias also spoke as well as Kristina Yim, Jen Chan, and Brian 
Koslowski - our class president. 


eta** of 'f9gg 










^■TK *' ; *>" 

1 >":-? 1 

■ * 

1 » i f 

' <* 


-:i ,,.y-- 



Class of 







To the Last Class of the Millennium . . . 

The yearbook staff would like to offer best wishes to all mem- 
bers of our class. It has been a great four years of our lives. The 
memories and love that we have shared are treasures that will 
last a lifetime. Good luck to everybody in the class of 1999! 


World B 


© French high school students demand 
more teachers, better equipment and 
buildings and a lighter course load in 
an October protest in Paris. The French 
government designates $40 million 
annually over the next four years, as 
well as 1,000 new teaching posts. 

O A discotheque fire in Goteborg, Sweden, kills 
67 teens and injures several more, making it 
the deadliest fire in modern Swedish history. 
Arson is the suspected cause of the October fire. 

C After a U.N. drug summit in which 
150 countries endorse an anti-drug 
campaign, the U.S. vows to spend an 
estimated $1 billion over the next 
five years on anti-drug advertising, 
corporate and civic partnerships 
and promotion, jM 

O In a dangerous escalation of hostile feelings in the area, India begins 
nuclear bomb testing in response to Pakistan's testing of the Ghauri missile. 

O A memorial 
the first anniversary 
of the death of Princess 
Diana and Dodi Fayed is 
put on display in London's 
Harrods department store, 
which is owned by Dodi's father. 

> On September 2, Swissair Flight 111 crashes in the 
sea in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, killing all 
229 passengers and crew aboard. A cockpit wiring fire 
is the suspected cause of the disaster. 

f> In retaliation for the African 
embassy bombings, the U.S. 
attacks a suspected chemical 
weapons factory in the capital of 
Sudan and a terrorist training 
camp in Afghanistan, and launches 
a worldwide search for suspected 
mastermind Osama bin Laden. 

AP Photo/Paul Chiasson 



O On August 7, powerful 
bombs explode outside the 
U.S. embassies in Kenya 
and Tanzania killing 248 
people, including 12 
Americans, and injuring 
more than 5,000. 

O NASA and Russia will conduct 45 missions to 
launch and assemble the International Space 
Station Alpha. Set for completion by 2004, the 
station will be powered by almost an acre of solar 
panels and will weigh almost one million pounds. 

A SKW|» 

The remains of 
Czar Nicholas II 
and his family, 
killed in 1918 in 
Central Russia 
and buried in a 
mass grave, are 
exhumed and 
laid to rest in 
St. Petersburg. 

President Clinton becomes the first U.S. 
leader to visit China since the Tiananmen 
Square massacre in 1989. Many criticize 
Clinton for his apparent leniency toward 
China's human rights restrictions. 

Hurricane Mitch 
ravages parts of 
Central America 
and kills more than 
10,000: people, 
making it the 
second deadliest 
storm in the 
region's history. 

fj On January 1 

currency in 11 European Common Market countries. 
It will be three more years before euro coins and 
cash are officially put into circulation. 

John Hume and David Trimble, Northern 
Ireland's two main political party 
leaders, win the Nobel Peace Prize for 
their efforts to end the violence that 
has plagued the British province for 
three decades. 

After a stop in Mexico City in January 
1999, Pope John Paul II arrives in 
St. Louis, Missouri, and celebrates 
Mass with over 100,000 people 
in attendance. 

In January 1999, an earthquake that 
measures 6.0 on the Richter scale hits 
Colombia killing over 1,000 people. 

King Hussein of Jordan, 63, dies on 
February 7, 1999, of lymphatic cancer. 
Hussein's 47-year reign made him the 
Middle East's longest-serving leader. 



Convicted killer Martin Gurule escapes death row and is later found 
drowned in a nearby river. Gurule is the first Texas inmate to escape 
death row since 1934. 

© President Clinton declares the entire state of Florida a disaster area 
after fires burn over 300,000 acres and damage or destroy 150,000 homes: 

l> After 50 years of work, 
the face of Crazy Horse 
is revealed at the South 
Dakota monument. When 
completed, the memorial, 
carved out of a mountain, will 
be the largest sculpture in the world. 

S Sixteen of the 24 glass beads that historians 
believe were used to buy Manhattan Island from 
Native Indians in 1626 are donated to the Indian 
Museum of North America located at the Crazy 
Horse Memorial. 

O A massive Millennium Clock in New York City's 
garment district counts down the days, hours, 
minutes and seconds to the year 2000. 

O In June, African-American James Byrd 
Jr., 49, is chained to the back of a truck 
and dragged to his death in Jasper, 
Texas, by three men, two of whom have 
ties to white supremacists. 

AP Photo/Crazy Horse Memorial, Robb DeWald, File 

Mentally unstable Russell 
Eugene Weston Jr. charges 
into the U.S. Capitol 
building on July 24 and 
fatally shoots Special Agent 
John Gibson and Officer 
Jacob Chestnut. 

O A Titanic exhibit tours the U.S. featuring over 
200 artifacts and displays chronicling the fateful 
ship's maiden voyage and tragic sinking. 

AP Photo/Gary Cameron, Pool 

C Northwest Airlines 
pilots strike for 
17 days in August 
and September 
causing more than 
27,000 canceled 
flights and a loss 
of $338 million. 

C Reform Party 
candidate Jesse 
Ventura shocks 
the nation when 
he wins the race 
for governor 
of Minnesota 
in November. 
Ventura is a 
former Navy Seal, 
pro wrestler and 
action movie actor. 

O In September, Hurricane Georges crashes through the 
Florida Keys and Mississippi. The killer storm causes 
the largest mandatory evacuation in Florida history, and 
Mississippi victims receive over $131 million in aid. 

Reuters/Jim Bourgftrchrve Photos 

In response to family pressure, DNA 
testing confirms that remains buried in 
the Tomb of the Unknowns are those of 
Michael J. Blassie, an Air Force pilot shot 
down in Vietnam. 

AP Photo/Ruth Fremson 

~x Q Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay student at the 
University of Wyoming, dies five days after being 
brutally attacked in an apparent hate crime. Vigils 
in his memory are held across the country. 

In summer 1998, North Texas 
temperatures exceed 100 degrees 
for 45 days. The state's heat death 
toll climbs to 132 and fires burn 
over 344,000 acres. 

In August, General Motors Corporation 
and United Auto Workers reach an 
agreement that ends an eight-week strike. 

President Clinton announces the federal 
government ends the 1998 fiscal year 
with a budget surplus of $70 billion, 
the first surplus since 1969. 

More than 280 colleges now admit 
some or all of their applicants without 
regard to SAT or ACT scores. Many 
schools say the system improves the 
academic quality and diversity of their 
student bodies. 

DNA tests determine that Rebecca 
Chittum was unknowingly switched with 
Callie Conley at a Virginia hospital after 
their births three years ago. This case 
prompts a national debate on the need 
for stricter hospital procedures. 

S A computerized T-shirt, woven with fiber optics 
and electrically conducted thread, may soon 
monitor the health of soldiers, rescuers, the 
elderly and others who are medically vulnerable. 

O A study demonstrates that the more hours 
people spend on the Internet, the more 
depressed, stressed and lonely they feel. 

Michael A. Schwarz 

The USDA announces 
that a 25-millisecond 
blast of 270-degree steam 
applied to meat kills 99.99 
percent of the bacteria. 
This process follows 
the unpopular method 
of irradiation. 


O Paleontologists in Argentina discover thousands of 
shards of fossilized dinosaur eggs. Several shards 
contain the fossilized remains of unhatched 
embryos and their never-before-seen embryo skin. 

) 1998 PhotoDisc. Inc 

The Electronic Structure 
of Atoms 

3.1 The Nature Of Light And 
Emission Spectra 

3 2 The Bohr Model or The 

3.3 The Wave Model or The 

Chemistry professor 
Claude Yoder co-authors 
"Interactive Chemistry," 
a CD-ROM that uses 
animation to lead 
students through 
chemistry problems, 
eliminating the need 
for a textbook. 

Photo courtesy of the authors (C. Yoder, 0. Retterer, M. Thomsen and K. Hess) 

: The FDA withholds 
medical approval of 
St. John's Wort, the 
popular herbal 
supplement widely 
believed to relieve 
depression. However, 
American consumer 
demand has led to 
its use in everything 
from lipstick to i 
potato chips. 

St. John's Wort 

AP Photo/American Museum of Natural History, L Meeker 

Researchers discover a gene that may cause 
the aggressive behavior of "killer bees." 
This knowledge may help tame African 
bees, whose sting has deterred beekeepers 
from tending hives. 

Alan Shepard, 
the first American 
in space, dies on 
July 22 at the 
age of 74. 


Researchers reveal a 
new technique that 
determines the sex 
of a baby before 
conception. This 
technique uses a laser 
detector that measures 
the DNA in sperm cells. 


O On August 12, the $1 billion Titan 4 rocket explodes 42 seconds after 
liftoff. The rocket payload included a highly classified Defense 
Department satellite. 

Astronomers discover and photograph a 
planet outside our solar system that is 
about 450 light years away from Earth. 

Alabama hairdresser Philip McCory 
discovers that human hair soaks up oil 
from water, which prompts NASA to 
investigate ways to use human hair to 
clean oil spills. 

In August, renowned Houston heart 
surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley performs 
open-heart surgery which is broadcast 
live on the America's Health Network 
Internet web site. 

David Scott, who lost his left hand in a 
fireworks accident, receives the first 
U.S. human hand transplant in January 
1999. Scott has regained limited motion 
in his donor hand. 

© 1998 PhotoDisc, Inc. 



G A USA Today investigation reveals that many of the nation's 
drinking water regulations are not being enforced. The repoi 
reveals that even the worst violations have just a 1 in 10 chani 
of drawing legal action. 

Lovegety, a palm-sized matchmaking 
device, is the latest craze with Japanese 
teenagers. When it comes within 15 
feet of another Lovegety, high-pitched 
beepers go off, lights flash, and the 
"love detectors" display whether the 
users' preset interests match. It's now 
available in the U.S. 

"layStation's® "Crash Bandicoot: WARPED" 
supersedes its popular predecessors. Also new 
is Crash's sister Coco who gallops along the 
Great Wall of China and cruises through 
enemy-infested waters^! 

O Furby, the year's must-have interactive 
toy, has a vocabulary of 200 words in 
both English and its own language, 
"Furbish." Furby knows when it is 
being petted, when the lights go out, 
when music starts, and if there's 
another Furby in the room. 

O WildEyes contact lenses feature several designs, including a starburst, 
black eight ball and cat's eyes. The $165 lenses come in prescription and 
non-prescription and don't interfere with eyesight. 


© Appearing in malls 
in 33 states, job kiosks 
dispense employment 
opportunities for interested 
applicants. Job seekers enter 
their skills and ambitions and 
the machine scans its database 
for a match. 


Consumer groups demand the recall of Olestra from the market, or at 
least the adoption of strict guidelines as to its use, after thousands of 
people become sick from eating the popular fat substitute. However, 
studies suggest that chips made with Olestra do not cause greater 
stomach problems than regular chips. 



— — ^llililPllllMlliPi 
O In December, Selective Service 
activates online registration. 
Eighteen-year-olds can now 
register instantly instead of 
filling out forms at the post 
office that take two to three 
months to process. 


Paul A. Souders/© Corbis 

As the need for toll-free 
numbers greatly increases, 
the 887 prefix joins the 800 
and 888 prefixes already in use. 

O A sleek, redesigned version 
of the '60s Volkswagen Beetle 
enters the market. Despite 
a May 1998 recall for wiring 
problems, the New Beetle 
is wildly popular. 

I Li 

Butterflies and dragonflies are the hot 
motif in the fashion world appearing on 
everything from clothes and bags to 
hair accessories and jewelry. 

For $20-30 a day, trained professionals at 
dog and cat day cares will play with, read 
to, feed and pamper pets in their care. 

Mr. Payroll is the first ATM that can 
cash a check - even for someone 
without a bank account. The machine 
"memorizes" facial features and 
matches them with a social security 
number to verify the user's identity. 

O Rollerblade introduces durable, all-terrain 
in-line skates that can traverse dirt paths 
and rocky trails. The large-wheeled skates 
retail for a cool $600. 

Spurred by fierce competition, colleges 
and universities are going online to 
offer students a new way to get an 
education. Florida State and New York 
University are a few jumping on board. 

average home Internet user spends 
25 hours a year waiting for web pages 
to load. 


O Britain's best Scrabble players commemorate the 
popular board game's 50th anniversary in October 
by playing in London's Wembley Stadium using 
letter tiles the size of dining tables. 

Q Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman 
face off in a World Championship 
Wrestling tag-team match. The 
event pits Rodman and Hollywood 
Hulk Hogan against Malone and 
Diamond Dallas Page. 

iYo Quiero 

q Actor Rick Schroder replaces Jimmy Smits 
on ABC's "NYPD Blue." The fate of Smits' 
character in his last episode - he dies 
when a heart transplant fails — became 
a source of nationwide speculation. 

A L 


Taco Bell's talking Chihuahua 
becomes a favorite teen 
advertising icon and sparks a 
surge of interest in the breed. 

Megastars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 
announce their separation in June after 
almost 11 years of marriage. 

The American Film Institute rates the 
top 100 movies of the 20th century. The top 
ten include: Citizen Kane, 1941 
Casablanca, 1942 
The Godfather, 1972 
Gone With the Wind, 1939 
Lawrence of Arabia, 1962 
The Wizard of Oz, 1939 
The Graduate, 1967 
On the Waterfront, 1954 
Schindlers List, 1993 
Singin' in the Rain, 1952 

Fans flock to theaters to see the two-minute 
trailer for Star Wars: Episode I - The 
Phantom Menace and many leave without 
staying to watch the main attraction. The 
prequel to the wildly popular Star Wars 
trilogy opens in May 1999. 


O Nineteen-year-old Usher is named Billboard Music Awards' Artist 
of the Year and R&B Artist of the Year. Touring with Janet Jackson 
and making television and movie appearances has heightened 
Usher's popularity. 

O Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, better 
known as Ginger Spice, announces 
in May 1998 that she is leaving the 
popular group for creative reasons. 

AP Photo/Joey Terrill 

O Swing dancing makes 
a big comeback with 
the help of music from 
bands like Cherry Poppin' 
Daddies (shown) and the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra. 

O Jewel scores on two fronts. Her book of poetry, 
A Night Without Armor, makes the New York 
Times best-seller list, and her album, Spirit, is 
released in November. 

AP Photo/File 

Monica is the only 
artist in 1998 with two 
No. 1 hits on the 
Billboard Hot 100, 
including "The 
First Night" and "The 
Boy Is Mine," a duet 
she sings with Brandy. 

Shania Twain wins the 
Favorite Female Country 
Artist award at the American 
Music Awards and receives 
six Grammy nominations. 


■ - *■ 

C Natalie Imbruglia wins Breakthrough Artist 
honors at the MTV Video Music Awards in 
September. Her album, left of the Middle, 
features hits "Tom" and "Wishing I Was There." 

"I Don't Want to 
Miss a Thing," 
from the movie 
becomes the 
group's first single 
to hit No. 1 on 
the Billboard Hot 
100 charts. 

AP Photo/The Hamilton Spectator, Scott Gardner 


O In November, Garth Brooks' new album Double Live enjoys 
first-day sales of over 500,000 copies, the industry's best 
one-day tally. Brooks makes special TV and Wal-Mart 
closed-circuit TV appearances to promote the release. 

* itfi 

AP Photo/GB Management, Jenny Yates 

Psychologists discover a connection 
between musical training and verbal 
memory. Children trained to play a musical 
instrument grow up to have 16 percent 
better word memory than other adults. 

Movie soundtracks account for nearly 
half of the Gold and Platinum certification. 
Some of the top soundtracks include 
Titanic and Return to Titanic, City of 
Angels, Armageddon, Hope Floats, 
Dr. Doolittle and The Wedding Singer. 

Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love 
is her first studio album in eight years. 
The album includes the hit duet with 
Marian Carey entitled "When You Believe." 

Actor/rapper Will Smith wins three 
American Music Awards, including 
Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite 
Soul/R&B Album and Favorite Soul/R&B 
Male Artist. 

O Defending champion Detroit Red Wings win the 1998 Stanley 
Cup championship, beating the Washington Capitals 4-1. 
Defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov, severely injured in a car 
accident after last year's Stanley Cup win, joins the celebration 

O Flamboyant sprinter Florence 
Griffith Joyner (FIoJo), triple 
gold medalist at the 1988 
Olympics, dies at age 38 in her 
sleep, of suffocation during an 
epileptic seizure. 

AP Photo/Susan A. Walsh 

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi 

In a 4-0 sweep against 
the San Diego Padres, 
the New York Yankees 
win the 1998 World Series 
to claim their 24th 
championship. The 
Yankees' 125 total 
victories is a modern 
baseball record. 


J- » * 

O In July, France beats Brazil 3-0 to win its first 
World Cup soccer title. During celebrations, a 
motorist drives through the crowd on the 
Champs-Elysees and injures 60 people. 



W *N 


C Lindsay Davenport, 
22, defeats Martina 
Hingis in the U.S. 
Open in September 
and becomes the 
No. 1 -ranked player 
in the world. 



sUii' 1 ! 

AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy 


: Olympic gymnast 
Dominique Moceanu 
is declared a legal 
adult after suing her 
parents, alleging they 
squandered her 
earnings and 
oppressed her for 
years. Later, Moceanu 
is granted a protective 
order against her 
father for stalking her. 

, AP Photo/John Gaps 1 

aS**- 1 

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer 

C St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire hits 
home run number 62 on September 8, 
breaking the record set by Roger Maris 
in 1961. McGwire ends the season 
with 70 home runs. 

Scott Olson/Reuters 

On September 13, 
Sammy Sosa of the 
Chicago Cubs also 
breaks Roger Maris' 
record with his single- 
season 62nd home run. 
Sosa ends the season 
with 66 home runs. 




O The defending champion 
Denver Broncos meet the 
upstart Atlanta Falcons 
at Super Bowl XXXIII in 
Miami. The Broncos 
win 34-19. 

Golfer Casey Martin, who 
suffers from a circulatory 
disorder in his right leg, 
wins a lawsuit allowing him 
to use a cart during PGA 
and Nike golf tournaments. 


The Chicago Bulls capture their sixth NBA % 
championship by beating the Utah Jazz 
87-86 in game six. Michael Jordan earns the 
Finals MVP award. In January 1999, Jordan 
announces his retirement from the NBA 
after 13 seasons. 


On September 20, Cat Ripken Jr. 
ends his 16-year streak of 2,632 
consecutive baseball games played 
by withdrawing himself from the 
Baltimore lineup for that night. 

NBA owners impose a lockout on July 1 
that causes almost half the '98 -'99 
basketball season to be lost. The 
labor dispute is settled on January 6. 

Tennis star Pete Sampras wins his fifth 
Wimbledon title and remains the 
world's No. 1 player for a record sixth 
straight year, breaking Jimmy Connors' 
mark for consecutive seasons on top. 

The NFL season is plagued with 
controversial and incorrect calls. 
Instant replay is not reinstated, but 
coin toss procedures are implemented. 

AP Photo/Eric Risberg 





/ ; 



t.T' ■ 












pi \j^^ m-^ 


* >-